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Big Genshiken Official Book

Today the UPS guy came (actually, he comes almost everyday...) and delivered two sets of sample books.
I got volume 5 of Shugo Chara and the Genshiken official book.

I was surprised with the Genshiken book, because it's larger than normal Del Rey books.
Maybe all of the special books are larger?
I guess I'll find out when I receive the TSUBASA character book 2.

Sample Books

Speaking of Del Rey, I'm going to take over one of their manga series from another translator.
My editor said that I'll be starting from volume 5.
Can you guess what it is?

I'll announce it when I receive the books.

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Finished Nodame Cantabile #16

I finished the additional text for Nodame #16.

It was a part where they talked a little about the history of music.
So I went out and studied a little bit about the history of music on the web.

It was quite interesting.
Unfortunately, most of the information I obtained didn’t really help my translation.

Oh well.

Rush Job for Nodame Cantabile

Today I got an e-mail from my editor at Company DR.
It was regarding a rush job for NODAME CANTABILE.

I guess there are some missing translations in the book.
I was asked to do it over the weekend.

Considering that I am working on:
1) Sword of the Stranger website
2) Code Geass DVD Character Book
3) Code Geass R2 website (additional text)
4) Company ? sample manga
All of this over the weekend, I wouldn’t take it.
I’m also going to Knott’s Berry Farm for the Toys for Tots drive on Saturday.

But I have a really good relationship with Company DR, so I took it.
Actually I have a really good relationship with all of my clients…
So I would help any of them if they have a problem.

So volume 16 will have some text done by me.
Please check it out.

Finished the Princesses, Moving On

I finished Kitchen Princess #10 and Princess Resurrection #7.


Now I can focus on the website.

And buying a new TV.

And buying a new laptop. Even if I have two already.

Working on Kitchen Princess #10

I am working on Kitchen Princess #10 right now.
I’m rushing to get it done by Monday.
So instead of running around shopping for televisions and printers, I am stuck at home.

In this last volume, Najika and Seiya go to Paris for the pastry chef competition.
But Najika gets a call from Japan with more bad news…
I can hear reviewers writing:
“Dude, how many bad news can this series take?”

I do agree that many people die in this series.

There is an extra chapter featuring Akane.
It’s pretty cute.
Maybe I liked it more because I like Akane more than Najika.
Her recipe was black sesame pudding, which I’m sure my Company YP editor would love.

The author talks about receiving letters in English, and her cousin translates them for her.
So continue sending in those fan letters to Company DR!
The author also talks about the English version of Kitchen Princess and how it’s really popular.
And she gave extra information that I shouldn’t repeat here yet…but it’s good news for the fans.

Yozakura Quartet #3 Released

Kotoha is on the cover.
The story...I don't really remember it.

Genshiken Fanbook Released

I hope it's true this time.

Princess Switch

I was working on Princess Resurrection #7, but I got an email from my editor that Kitchen Princess #10 arrived and it was a priority.

So I suggested we switch the deadlines around, and I will start work on Kitchen Princess #10 as soon as I get it.

I guess Kitchen Princess is doing very good for Company DR.
I want to say I can't wait to see what happens in this last volume, but unfortunately I read the spoiler Japanese Wikipedia when I was looking for release information.
And the twist of Akane being the Flan Prince(ss) did not happen.
Kitchen no Yurihime-sama...
Sounds like a doujinshi.


Finished Yozakura Quartet #5

I finished Yozakura Quartet #5.

Working on Code Geass makes me want to eat pizza (from Pizza Hut, of course!) and working on Yozakura makes me want to eat ramen.

Either way, it's unhealthy...

Work is making me fatter!

Finished Shugo Chara #7

I finished Shugo Chara #7.
My wrist was really hurting, so I had my friend Dave type the last 20 pages.

"Amu...whaaaat exclamation point question's a hassle dot dot tab I'm going back to sleep period..."

Something like that.

This volume has no fight scenes, but lots of lovey-dovey scenes.
Guess which characters xxxx in the xxxx?

Kitchen Princess #8 Released

Kitchen Princess #8 is out.


I am currently working on Shugo Chara #7.
In this volume Amu eats a taiyaki, a Japanese snack filled with sweetened red beans.
I can buy some here frozen at a Japanese super market.
They look like this:


It tastes best when you microwave it for about a minute and a half, then toast it in a toaster oven or grill it on a pan.

In Japan you can get various flavors (Ikuto eats a chocolate-filled one...mmm!)
I think I had a custard-filled one when I was younger, but that's it.
I haven't had one since.

Most people eat it head first.
Please check out Shugo Chara #7 to see how the characters eat it.

Ao's School Situation

My sister was bored and wanted to read Yozakura Quartet, so I lent her my cut-up Japanese copies.

She had a good question...

How come Ao doesn't go to school?

I thought it was because she was older, like Akina's age, and he graduated already.
But the character settings says she's 15.


Maybe the anime will explain it.
It started in Japan already...right?
Every Thursday?
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