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Starting Toki Kake Manga

Toki Kake

I finished Lelouch #4 so now I am starting on the Toki Kake manga.
Company BEI gave me the DVD for reference, so I've been watching it over and over, trying to match the lines if there are any.

The manga has a bonus about Kazuko, the original girl.

I have to finish this manga in two days. Sob sob.

Sword of the Stranger Screening

I just heard this from Robert at Company BEI today (I was a little slow...), but Sword of the Stranger will be screened in various theaters on Thursday.

So if a theater near you is showing it, please check it out!
Gore! Yeah!

Working on Lelouch #4

Currently I am working on Lelouch #4.

In this volume, the gang goes to Kamine Island.
Prince Schneizel finally comes into play, and the Black Knights are formed.

Hopefully I can finish this by this week, so I can start working on Pumpkin Scissors #5.

I also got more work from Company BEI (mostly Code Geass related), and one from Company T.
This makes me pretty busy for the next few months.

Working on Suzaku #2

I am currently working on Code Geass Suzaku #2 manga.

This is the final volume for the series.

Prince Schneizel makes a lot of appearances in this volume.
I am really grateful that my Dragon NaturallySpeaking software can spell it for me perfectly each time he says something.
Schneizel... it's really a pain to type out his name.

The only problem with Code Geass is that I cannot train my software to type out C.C.
It can't recognize "SEE-TOO.”
So what I did was for my software to hear "Yukana” but to type out “C.C.”

Speaking of Code Geass, I received a New Year’s card from the scriptwriter, Mr. O.
He said that he was happy that the United States audience accepted Code Geass warmly.
So thank you to those who are watching and reading Code Geass!

(Actually, I've only seen negative reviews for the Code Geass manga…if anyone has seen a positive review, please let me know...)

Code Geass R2 Website Text

I finished the last of the text for the Code Geass R2 website.

I worked on it using my Dragon NaturallySpeaking software.
I had to enter a few words from the vocabulary, such as...

But since this software is so amazing, it would memorize words I have used previously in the document.
For example, it memorized the term, "Black Knights," or "Geass Organization," so that I don't have to capitalize them each time.

Anyway, enough about my software.

I had to revisit some of the episodes from R2 while translating.
I must say, no matter how many times I watch this show, I really like the ending.

I know there are rumors about a third season.
Let's hope it's true.
And let's hope I will get to work on that website as well.
If I still remember all the spellings and content...

Finished Character Sketches 2

Today I finished the character sketches 2 for Code Geass.
It's going to be included in the second box of Code Geass.

In this one, there were sketches of Prince Schneizel, Princess Cornelia, Euphy, Tohdoh, and others.

I can't give much detail because I would want you to buy the DVD box.
Please check it out when it comes out.

This blog entry was written using Dragon NaturallySpeaking software.
I'm going to keep saying this until they send me something.

Finished Sword of the Stranger

I finished the Sword of the Stranger website text before heading out to Knott’s Berry Farm.

I did the following for the site:
Cast and comment
Production note

To be honest, the comments from the cast sounded a little fake…
It was like it was written by their PR agency.
So please don’t blame me if they sound fake…

Suzaku of the Counterattack #1 Released

Sword of the Stranger Information

So I guess Sword of the Stranger was already announced, and I can talk about it.
It was announced at Fanime this year...when I was busy running around for Company G.


According to the Company BEI press release, they're going to release a Blu-ray of it.
That's pretty cool.
I heard it's really gory.
Gore in high definition! Yay!

So anyway, I am currently working on the website.

TokiKake Launch Party at Anime Jungle

I went to the TokiKake Launch Party at Anime Jungle today.

I miscalculated traffic (I don't go out much...) and was late 1 hour.

So I missed the crowd and the pudding eating contest.

TokiKake Launch Party
This is the VA of Chiaki, who was there to sign posters and stuff.

TokiKake Launch Party
Here are the copies of the limited edition version.
They had a special sale and it was $40 instead of $50.

TokiKake Launch Party
They were passing out this huge poster with purchase.
It's sideways because it was on the table.

I saw a lot of familiar faces there.
Well, obviously one of them was my editor R because I was picking up my next batch of work.

More work
Suzaku manga #2, TokiKakge manga, and Lelouch manga #4.
I got a TokiKake DVD for reference.

I'll be working on Suzaku first.
They are keeping me busy for the holidays!

And R also gave me my comp copies.
Comp Copies
A bunch of Code Geass stuff.
I got the DVDs for reference purposes for the novels, but I also worked on the DVD booklets.
Although...when I opened the DVD, the DVD booklets weren't in there.
I guess I have to wait for another time to see those.

Finished Code Geass Novel #1

I finally finished the Code Geass novel #1.

I realized that it's really hard to do when I haven't seen the English version.
Because some lines are taken directly from the anime.
Of course, because the novel author got access to the scripts, settings, character personality and profiles, EVERYTHING.

I wish I can have the same kind of access...

But I guess the only thing I can do is to get the DVDs.
I better get it before I start work on the next volume.

Code Geass Lelouch Manga #2 Released

I know I've only been posting about Code Geass.
I do other work too, but lately it's been taking over my life.

I'll be working on Yozakura Quartet #5 tomorrow.

Finished Lelouch Manga #3

I finished Lelouch manga #3.
This volume features Mao and his annoying claps.

I spent the whole day working on this manga and watching the news about Decision 2008.

I was so busy I didn't get to go get free coffee.

So tired.

Now, back to the novel!
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