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HOSHIGAMI Remix Released

HOSHIGAMI Remix should be in stores today.

Or soon...

I will get my copy tomorrow too.

When will I play it?

Uh...maybe in August.

Finished Video Game Files

I finished the video game files and I'm very tired.

I just did the voice files, and there are a lot of


and I really don't know how to differentiate between some of them.
Good luck to the voice actors who are voicing them...

Now that I finished the files, I was supposed to work on a rush project from Company DR...but the book isn't here yet!
Oh no!
It's due Wednesday!! Eek!

So I emailed my editor to see if I can get the tracking number.
Hopefully I can get a hold of it tomorrow.

Finished Video Game

I finished the video game.

It didn't take that long, but counting the characters to make it fit (35 characters per line) was tiring.

It looks like this game was announced already, because I was reading interviews and stuff and the details match my files.

But I'll keep it hush-hush for now...just in case.
The game will be released this Fall, so I'll reveal the title then.

Finished Video Game

I finally finished the video game!

It was a long road...

A total of 101 excel files in a month and a half.

I read all 36 volumes of the manga, watched about 10 episodes of the anime, learned over 50 character names and their "moves"...

The characters speak in a distinct way, so some of it rubbed off on me.

My client said I might work on another game from this series, so it'll stay with me for a while...

For now, I will go to sleep (I got 4 hours of sleep last night), and go get a full hour massage (I usually only get 30 minutes) later.

The Phone Call of Death

I finished the novel...
So now to move on to the 3 manga I have!

But...change of plans.
I got a call from my client at Company A asking how the video game file is coming along.

Of course he's worried, because his client, Company TT, is worried.

And I can understand why they're worried...I have over 50 files to translate until Friday.

So I'm working on the video game files...

When I got a call from my client, I had a bad feeling about it.

It's similar to manga artists who flinch every time the phone rings.
I know some of them don't answer the phone before a deadline.

So, it's not really to appease, but to reassure, my client...but I'm working hard on the video game.
Although it's made for kids, it's actually well made.
It sort of makes me want to play it.
Maybe when I get the sample.


While I was away in Japan, Company A announced the video game I worked on for them:

For Nintendo DS
June 2007
MSRP $29.99

HOSHIGAMI is a game that was previously released for the PlayStation.

The DS version has new localization, new characters, new missions, new music, and new character art.
There are three difficulty levels you can choose from, so those who thought the original game was too hard, the DS version is for you!

My client said that my name is in the credit roll, so please look for it. ^_^

"More Intensity"

I have almost 500 lines of video game text to translate by Tuesday.

So I had another Hikikomori Weekend (TM), but this time I worked.

The file I'm working on is the character's voices during...a fight? I guess?

It's just that there are lines that say, "Makasete!"
and "Makkaseteee!"

"Makasete!" would be something like "Leave this to me!"

The second one is the same line, but with "more intensity."

There are many instances where the second line is just with "more intensity."
But I can't do "Shoot!" and "Shit!" because it's a kids' game.

Finished Video Game

I finished the video game files!!

The video game is a DS version of a previously released game.
I've never heard of it, but there are some walk throughs of it online.

And really, that is all I know about this game.

Now I have 2 days to finish the manga for Company 7S.
I am about 1/3 done.
I also started on Devil X Devil and Kon Kon Kokon.

Almost Done

I am almost done with the video game files.

I just have the character name file, which is actually the longest file.

Why are fantasy names so weird?

If I ever had to come up with a list of fantasy names, I'll use tennis player last names.
Ancic, Ferrer, Blake, Wawrinka, Nadal...

And the Blake character will be hot hot hot.

Meeting with Company A

I had a meeting with Company A today.

They are a game translating house and publisher.

They are a fairly new company, with a young president.

Yeah, he's something I want to be in a few years.
A company with about 5 employees and a nice office...

He said he used to work from home too.

Today I received KAGETORA from Company DR, and I was supposed to get some files from Company T...but not here yet.
This is a rush-rush job.
I also got an email from the company that does English proficiency tests to do some interviewing.
(I'm an interviewer for the second round of the test).
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