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Kitchen Princess and US Open Day

Since I can't work on EQII or the live action movie while I'm watching tennis, I went back to work on Kitchen Princess #5.

I want to finish it before I receive the book from Company 7S.
I finished the secret project by Company DR, by the way.

In Kitchen Princess #5, Najika talks about "ama natto," which translates to "sweet fermented soy beans."

Uh, that doesn't sound too appetizing.
So I have to think of suggestions so the editor can choose.

By the way, the Nike commercial featuring Maria Sharapova.
It's funny that they changed "gay" to "bright," and to make it rhyme they changed "today" to "tonight."
What, they don't want people to think Maria is gay?
Like other female tennis players...Billie Jean, Martina, and Amelie?
I think it's okay if Maria is a lesbian.
Of course, it's not good for marketing purposes...

Some of my friends don't like the commercial, but I actually think it's a brilliant commercial.
Props to the people who thought of it.


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