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Winter Japan Trip 2011-2012

I spent the day reading manga at a manga cafe.
I couldn't buy anymore manga because it wouldn't fit,
so my only option was to read everything I wanted before I left.

At the manga cafe, I got an email from a new client asking me if I would be interested in translating something for them.
I love working on video games, so of course I said yes. I hope it works out!

At night, I went to dinner with a bunch of industry people.
Sato-san, who I always see at Anime Expo, was there.
He's in charge of the noitaminA stuff...I think.
I'm not really sure.

Konno-san, former Bandai Visual USA president, was there too.
I haven't seen him since BV USA left, so it was nice to see him again.

Tezukacchi from Bushiroad was there.
I just saw him a few weeks ago.
He said that because his president Kidani-san met with me,
he was gung-ho about taking Vanguard to the United States now.
So you'll probably see them at a convention or two this year? Maybe?

And the last one to arrive was Hidehiro-kun, the super otaku.
Actually, he's former industry. He was a staff? or something at Viz Media,
and I think he was staff at Sakura Con too.
I'm not sure... But I just know he came to talk to my sister because he is a huge Galaxy Angel fan, lol.

We had okonomiyaki, because that's what I requested.

The store was Gottsui, which has a store near my house.



It was nice to catch up with everyone.


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