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Winter Japan Trip 2011-2012

I met up with Bamboo-san because last year at Anime Expo he promised he would take me to eat good monja.

Studio 696

We met at his office.
He had a pretty spiffy-looking studio.

Singer and superstar yozuca* came along, too!
I haven't seen her since she came to Anime Expo back when it was in Long Beach, so it was fun.

We went to Tsukishima, where monja was invented, for dinner.


We talked about how Bamboo-san could get married.
He always kids that he wants a girlfriend from the U.S.

So I told him he should go meet girls at Yaoi Con this year, especially because it's going to be in LA.
We even joked that he could be auctioned off at the Bishonen Auction.
Although even if Bamboo-san looks young, he's XX years old.
It would be a Bichunen Auction...

I don't even know how one gets into the Bishonen Auction.
If someone from Yaoi Con could tell me, I would appreciate it.


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