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Winter Japan Trip 2011-2012


I went to GAINAX, mostly because I haven't seen their new office.
I think every time I go, they're in a new office.

Anyway... I forgot to take pictures because I spent most of the time talking to various people.

Kazuya Tsurumaki-san was there for a meeting, and I haven't seen him for close to 10 years, so I was talking to him for a while.
With him was Yoji Enokido-san, script writer for Evangelion and Utena, among other things.
I'm actually a huge fan of Enokido-san, so I was pretty excited.

Enokido-san is called "Prince" and I saw why...
He looks like he's in his twenties!!
I thought he was an assistant or something because he looks so young...

I then went to go see Yoshiyuki Sadamoto-san.
He told me about his most recent project, "The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki."

I also said hi to Su-san, who is part of the licensing team.

After saying hi to everyone I know, I went to dinner with them.

It was a nice, fun evening.
I forgot to take pictures, but I did take pictures of the stuff they gave me.

Omiyage and Samples
Flyer for "The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki" and "Believe in Yourself" samples.

FLCL and Panty & Stocking Blu-rays.

"Wish Upon the Pleiades" towel and bookmarks.


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