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Winter Japan Trip 2011-2012

My cousin wanted to go out to buy FF13-2, so he was nice enough to take me along.
I wanted to go buy a new camera, because my FujiFilm broke for the 3rd time.
(I will get it fixed... I needed a new one to use during my trip in Japan.)

After our trip to the electronics store, we went to eat ramen.

This is what the store looks like.

Taichi Ramen

It looks like a Capsule House from Dragon Ball, yes?

Taichi Ramen

It's a tiny place, but they have huge ramen servings.

I got the normal size...

Taichi Ramen

Shio ramen with spinach and egg topping.

My cousin and his friend got the large.

Taichi Ramen

It's hard to tell, but please compare the size of the bowl to the chopsticks.

They even have a size larger, extra-large.
It's in the same bowl but with way more noodles.

By the way, this is my new camera.

New Camera


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