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Winter Japan Trip 2011-2012

Today we left for Hakone.

Hakone is famous among anime fans from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Unfortunately, I didn't do anything Evangelion-related.
Maybe next time.

From the Odakyu Station in Shinjuku, we took the RomanceCar.

Odakyu RomanceCar

We dropped off our stuff at our inn, Sushi no Yado Keisho.
It was a small, cozy inn and I loved it.

Sushi no Yado Keisho

Sushi no Yado Keisho

We then took the Hakone tozan train up to Goura.


The tozan train is known for their railway zig-zag.


We had lunch at Tamura Ginkatsu-Tei, where they are known for their tofu katsu.

Tamura Ginkatsu-Tei

I ditched my friend here and went off on my own.

The ropeway gondola was fun to ride, but unfortunately it was raining and I didn't have much of a view.


And because of the rain, I decided to skip the Owakudani volcanic valley.
I wanted to just get back to the inn and relax in the onsen (hot springs).

So I took the fake pirate ship across Lake Ashi.


I found this funny because I just finished translating a game about pirates.

I rode the bus back to my inn, and enjoyed the onsen.
Since there was no one else in there, I enjoyed the large baths (there was one inside and one that was roten, or open-air) in peace.

(Sorry, there are no pictures of the onsen because I didn't want to look suspicious.)

I took it easy for the rest of the night.


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