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Winter Japan Trip 2011-2012


I had my old co-worker and kohai from high school, K, show us around Akihabara.
I haven't really visited Akihabara since they cleaned up, so I was pretty excited.

I also wanted to try out a maid cafe for the first time.

We met in front of Gamers, since it's the store of our former company.
And it's also easy to spot.

I got there a bit early, so I took a picture of a man sitting around.


Surreal and a bit creepy...

Anyway, K took us to a maid cafe of his choice.



My friend H got the omrice with the option of having our maid draw something with ketchup.


In the end, I think I had the most fun because our maid happened to be a Hunter (as in, she plays Monster Hunter).
I asked her where I can get Monster Hunter goods and she named two stores.
K was nice enough to show me where they were.

Monster Hunter
A sample of what Japan has to offer!

There were lines at the AKB48 Cafe (which I wasn't interested in visiting) and the Gundam Cafe, so we didn't go in.

AKB48 Cafe

Gundam Cafe

I think I'll come back to visit the Gundam Cafe...
Well, I have to come back to buy all the Monster Hunter goods...

We visited other cafes, and one of them was the Wonder Festival Cafe.
It's more of a food court than a cafe.

Wonder Festival Cafe

Wonder Festival Cafe

There was a work station area where you can build your plastic models.
200 yen per hour.

Wonder Festival Cafe

When we were leaving, there was actually a man building something.
I wanted to ask questions (because I always do), but didn't want to cut into his time.

I had to go back to the hotel to work, so I was only able to spend half a day with K, but hopefully I'll see him again at Winter Comiket.

Thanks, K!


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