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Winter Japan Trip 2011-2012

I wasn't done with work, but I took a day off.

For lunch, I met up with my childhood friend Ayu and her daughter.

We spent a few hours catching up.

Here's the food I had.

Kyo no Chaya

Kyo no Chaya
Crab rice set.

At night, I went to D's performance in Saitama.
It was the first night of their tour.

D Winter Tour 2011

This was the first time in Saitama for me, I think...
I almost got lost in Omiya Station.

Thanks to Y-san, I got in with a backstage pass.

D Winter Tour 2011

When going to the dressing room, Y-san told me to go in and pretend to be a foreigner to freak the members out, so I yelled out, "Hello~!" and started to greet them in English.
But I stopped immediately, because I didn't want to stress them out (with having to speak English) before their show.

Hide-Zou did ask me how to say some stuff in English, so I did help him with that.
He didn't use it in the end...

D Winter Tour 2011

Ruiza before the show. I think he was ready first?
So he had a lot of time, and I was able to take a picture.

The live was loud, but fun!
The crowd would headbang with the band, and after the song was done, took out brushes to fix their hair. LOL!

They surprised Hide-Zou with a cake, and he was so surprised he was stammering.
We had the cake later, but we didn't have a knife or forks, so we ate it with chopsticks.

Thanks for a fun night, D!


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