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Winter Japan Trip 2011-2012

Day 1.

I had to work at the hotel today, so I let my friend H roam around Ikebukuro on his own.
But before that, we went to go get our JR Rail Passes.

For this trip I have to JR Rail Passes.
One is the normal one. I got the ordinary 7-day pass, as did my friend H.

JR Rail Pass

The other one is the JR East flexible 4-day pass, for when I go to Niigata to stay with my relatives.
I couldn't get that one yet, so I'll get it later.

We then went to lunch.

H thought of Japanese food as "ramen and sushi," so we went to get ramen.

Bankara Honten
Spicy Negi Bankara Ramen.
930 yen.

Then I went back to work.

Since I'm working on BL, I had to look up sex toy sites for inspirations for dildo names.
I chose something called "Pleasureskin," so please look for it.
The title isn't announced yet, so I can't say which one it is...
But it is a SuBLime title.

For dinner we went to eat horumon (intestines).

Jonetsu Horumon
Shishito (twisted pepper), sweet potato, okra, and chicken.

I totally forgot to take pictures of the horumon...
It's okay; I'll go eat more during my stay.

So my first day in Japan was mostly spent in the hotel.
How sad...


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