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Winter Japan Trip 2011-2012

Day 0.

I got up at 6am to shower and head to the airport.
I had a medium-sized suitcase and a pretty large duffle bag to check, and a backpack plus a briefcase as carry-ons.
The suitcase was all omiyage for my friends and clients. It was about 30lbs.

Japan Trip 2011

The check-in at the counter went smoothly.
This is why I travel on a weekday. I usually prefer Tuesdays, but for this trip I decided to leave on Monday to accommodate my friend H.

Since the check-in went so fast, I had a lot of time to kill.
Even the security gates weren’t open.
So I found a seat and checked email and stuff.
I also started to rip my next manga up, but I had to stop because someone sat near me and was looking at me.
She was probably wondering why I was ripping a book up, and not necessary looking at the content.
But it’s pretty graphic (but censored) BL, so I put it away.

Instead, I wrote a summary for the book (as required by my client).
Since it’s BL, I really can’t write more than a few sentences…

I was planning to work on my BL manga on the plane.
Unfortunately I had young people sitting across the aisle and diagonally behind me.
Even if I didn’t translate the book, I had wanted to at least get the formatting out of the way. Oh well.

So instead, I watched some movies.
First I saw “The Help.” I loved it! Stellar cast.
I might even pick up the book to read.
(Like I really have time to read anything other than work material.)

I was going to go to sleep after watching “The Help,” but I wasn’t that sleepy so I watched “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.”
I liked that too, even if the apes were creepy.
I had recently watched the original “Planet of the Apes,” so I appreciated the references here and there.
I should have watched the movies again, this time in Japanese, simply to study, but this was when I got sleepy, so I went to sleep.

By the way, if people are curious, I usually fly Korean Air.
I love their flight times (early departure, early arrival) and especially love their plane food, bibimbap.

I usually don't care for personal tv monitors (like on Singapore Airlines), but I guess it's nice.
As long as you don't overuse it...because it's not good for your eyes.

Korean Air

They even had audiobooks, which are perfect to put you to sleep.

Korean Air

This "Lessons at the Halfway Point" was horrible, though.
I was scoffing the entire time.
So instead I listened to Shakespeare stuff.

After arriving at Narita, I had to ship some stuff to my relative's house in Niigata.
Then I waited for my friend H to arrive.

As I was waiting, I spotted Taka, the great interpreter at many conventions.
We talked for a bit as I waited for my friend.
We even called up Mamoru Yokota-san and left a message.

H finally came through customs and we headed to Ikebukuro.
I usually stay in Higashi Ikebukuro (where Sunshine City is), but because hotels are cheaper in Nishi Ikebukuro, we're staying there.
After H goes back to the states, I'm going to be staying in Higashi again.

For dinner I had onigiri, but H had the McDonald's KBQ burger.

McDonald's Japan

There was a review online praising this as the best burger from McDonald's.
But I'm not interested.

And that's it for the looooong Day 0!


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