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PMX 2011 Day 3

Day 3!

Today was the day D was going home.
I accompanied them to the airport.

There was a loooong line when we got there.
The reason was the 100+ guys from Honda who came for overseas training for a few days.
(I know this because I asked the guy who was standing in line in front of us. He looked so uncomfortable talking to me...haha!)

But it didn't take long, and D had about 30 minutes to shop.
Hiroki didn't want to shop, but wanted to eat.
So I accompanied him upstairs.

We decided on Pink's.

Pink's LAX

I wasn't hungry, but Hiroki insisted on buying me something (because he felt bad for causing me trouble), so we got a veggie dog and something with chili, sauerkraut, and tomatoes.

Hiroki liked them!

PMX 2011

*I'm not sure how he feels about his pictures being posted, so it's a smaller picture than usual*

D left happy and satisfied with their LA trip!

PMX 2011

After getting back, I accompanied Nonaka-san.

He had a panel first.

PMX 2011

It was so interesting!
He showed multiple drafts of his designing process, etc.
I wish he would go to more events to do panels.

PMX 2011

He did a demo sketch.
He draws really fast...

And he did two sketches.

PMX 2011

After the panel, Nonaka-san did his press.

PMX 2011

I actually left to go talk to the We [Heart] Japan people who were nearby.
I wanted WHJ to get in line for the Nonaka autograph session coming after this, so we can use it for one of our events.

I actually made voice actress Stephanie Sheh stand in line...
Of course, she was cool about it. :D

PMX 2011

Nonaka-san's autograph session was awesome.
It was an amazing experience to sit next to him and see all of his sketches.
He did a different sketch for every single person.
Different uses of shading, different props, different compositions...

I took a picture of every sketch!
Some examples:

PMX 2011

PMX 2011

PMX 2011

After the autograph session, we went to the closing ceremonies but the room was empty.
(Apparently we got there too late, since Nonaka-san was sketching for extra people.)

So we went up to the green room to wait for Imagawa-san, who was out and about.
We waited a looooong time...

While we were waiting, Nonaka-san's wife and co-worker tried Twinkies.
They said it was okay.
Wow, because the sight of Twinkies makes me gag.

Finally Imagawa-san came, and we sent the guests off to dinner.
Most of the staff stayed behind this night.
I think we were all tired.

And that's it for PMX 2011!


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