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Shanimuni Go Go Go

This isn't work related, but since manga is a big part of my work I am blogging about it.

I received bad news that Nadal lost in the fourth round.
So the chances of a final between Nadal and Federer is gone.

The reason I like Nadal so much is because he reminds me of Nobucchi from Shanimuni Go.
I'm almost positive that Marimo Ragawa bases his character on Nadal.

So when I root for Nadal, I'm actually rooting for Nobucchi.

The impact of Shanimuni Go is actually big on me.

It was the manga that got me starting playing tennis again (one of my three loves in life).
The sport of tennis she draws is so real, I really had to get back on the court.
I've read other tennis manga in my life:
Ace wo Nerae!
Taiyou ni Smash!
Prince of Tennis (no exclamation point)

But none of them depicted "real" tennis.
I mean, most of them didn't have the ball going in the correct box.

This is a manga all tennis players and tennis enthusiasts should read.
Or those of you who took an interest in tennis because of PoT should read it.

By the way, I really doubt this will come to the States.
Maybe I should translate it on my own.

...When I have time.

...Life list!


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