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PMX 2011 Day 2

Today was the big day for my guest, Suzumi-san.

In the morning, I met with PMX staffer Vince to figure out how we can do a live feed on the screen while she drew.

PMX 2011

We came up with this.
The camera and tripod were brought from my house.

After setting up the room, I went to the Green Room to chill.
Hiroki and Yoshi, their stylist, came to eat breakfast.

Hiroki had his hair done, so I got to take a close look.

PMX 2011

I was asking Yoshi how to do it, but it looks like a hassle so I don't think I'll ever attempt this.

Anyway. Suzumi-san came, and we had lunch while we discussed how the panel was going to go.

I think the panel went well.
And she wasn't feeling well during the panel...

For the demonstration, she drew a gothic lolita girl based on someone from the audience.

PMX 2011

After the panel was the press.

I liked this because I didn't have to do anything :)

PMX 2011

Then it was the autograph session.

PMX 2011

She finished up the demo sketch.

After everything was done, Suzumi-san went to rest because she was getting sick.

So for the rest of the night, I helped out with the band.
I'm glad I was able to use the skills I acquired from serving food.

I was pretty tired so I didn't take pictures.


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