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PMX 2011 Day 1

We started the day with the Opening Ceremonies.

As always, I was tasked with informing the procedure of it to the Japanese guests.
Because a lot of them didn't know what they were supposed to do, haha.

PMX 2011

From the left is Imagawa-san, Suzumi-san, Nonaka-san, Atelier Pierrot, translator Taka, and Mike Tatsugawa.

At the end, Mike had Atelier Pierrot fill in one of the eyes.

PMX 2011

After the Opening Ceremonies, I convinced Suzumi-san to stay for Imagawa-san and Nonaka-san's panel.
So she could see what a panel would look like, and also so she wouldn't be nervous about what she's expected to do tomorrow.

PMX 2011

Imagawa-san and Nonaka-san at their panel.
They look like they're having so much fun, right?
It's because they were talking about stuff they can't openly say in Japan about the relationship between toy companies and anime studios.
Everything was to stay in this room.

PMX 2011

Nonaka-san's baby.
He specifically asked to picture it with the water bottle to show how big it is.

After the panel, I split with Suzumi-san and stayed with Imagawa-san.
He was super excited that George Takei was coming,
and we were figuring out how he can go say hi.



PMX 2011

I was ready to interpret, but Mr. Takei spoke perfect Japanese.

I once again split up with a guest to chill in the green room.
I think Imagawa-san went to go eat?

While I was chilling, D came up before their concert.

PMX 2011

They look so different in makeup and costume.
By this time, I had only memorized Hiroki-san's name because he kept asking me questions.
(Now I know their names. From left, front: Hiroki-san, Shion. From left, back: Hide-Zou-san, Tsune-san, Asagi-san, Ruiza-san, Brandon, and Melissa.)

I went to the concert later.
It was pretty fun.
I kept gasping because Ruiza-san would allow so much touching.
I asked him the next morning if he's like that in Japan, and he said he allows more touching in Japan.

I went to sleep early because Saturday was my big day with Suzumi-san.
(Although I really didn't need much sleep because I wasn't interpreting anything.)


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