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CoD Modern Warfare 3 Launch Party

I heard on the radio about a launch party for CoD MW3,
so I decided to go.

I didn't want to go alone, but since my friends have real jobs
and cannot stay up so late on a Monday, I had to.

The party started at 10pm.

This was the line when I got there around 10:15pm.

Modern Warfare 3 Launch Party

I was in line for a few minutes, and got in.
They gave me a t-shirt and raffle ticket.

Inside, there were a bunch of stations to try out the game.

Modern Warfare 3 Launch Party

The game looks complicated, so I didn't even attempt it...

The first 100 people in line got a swag bag.
I didn't get one, but a kind gentleman allowed me to take a picture.

Modern Warfare 3 Launch Party

There was a green shirt, a Mountain Dew, and a baseball cap.
I didn't want anything in there, except for the bag...

They had pizza and soda for the attendees,
but they went so fast I couldn't take pictures.
Well, they were only pizza and soda.

At the end of the night (I only stayed for about 30 minutes)
I left with a t-shirt and poster.

Modern Warfare 3 Launch Party

I hope they have more of these launch parties!


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