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We [Heart] Performing for Japan Souvenir

We Heart Japan Thumb

A bunch of stuff is going on for We [Heart] Performing Japan.
I've been too busy to help much...

My only involvement so far is the postcard being passed out to everyone who comes.

Amemiya Kamina Card Partial

Can you guess who it is?
It's quite obvious, yes?

It's Kamina, from Gurren Lagann.
This illustration was drawn by Akira Amemiya.
He drew it specifically for We [Heart] Japan!

This is what the card looks like:

We Heart Japan Postcard (Kamina)

Now what happens when you place the Yoko card next to it?

We [Heart] Japan Postcards

See the red sun in the back?

This design was the genius idea of my graphic designer friend F.

You can get the set of postcards if you buy the premium ticket for We [Heart] Performing for Japan.
You can buy tickets here!


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