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Comic-Con 2011 Day 3

Day 3.

I didn't have much planned for this day.

In the morning, I shared one of those bicycle cabs with Shigeto Koyama,
an illustrator/designer who I've known for a while.

He was in a rush to get to the convention center to meet up with Dai Sato and others.
They worked on a few projects together, I think.

The bicycle cab ride was pretty fun.

When I got to the convention center, I went in the exhibit hall for the first time this year.
And then I left after 10 minutes...
It was crazy.

I only went in long enough to pick up my complimentary tickets
to the Tekken Blood Vengeance screening from Bandai Ent.

Then I went to go see Yen Press, since I missed them the night before.

On the way, I managed to pick up a Phineas & Herb knapsack.
I didn't get the one I wanted, so I spent the whole day finding someone to trade with.

I wanted to see T from Yen Press because I had some goodies for her.
Well, it was just to market the Hakuoki game to her, since I knew she would like it.
(She emailed me a few weeks later that she bought a PSP just to prepare herself for Hakuoki...haha!)

I then went to hang out with my friend F.
We got to catch up, which was nice.

Then I went to the Namco Bandai panel to see Dai Sato, since I told him I would go.
When I got to the room...the line was huuuuuge!!

So once again, I had to use my connections to get in.
Thanks, Sato-san!

Some pictures I took while we waited for the panel to start:

Comic-Con International 2011

Comic-Con International 2011

Comic-Con International 2011

And then the panel.

Comic-Con International 2011

Comic-Con International 2011

And that was it for me for Comic-Con 2011.
I spent most of the time in the panel rooms and networking.
But I had a lot of fun!!

See you next year, Comic-Con!


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