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Comic-Con 2011 Day 2

Day 2.

This was the busiest day at Comic-Con, since I had to do a lot of business stuff.

I went to the JManga panel to meet up with R, one of the JManga people.
He introduced me to the S-san, the guy in charge of JManga.

The panel was VERY scripted and I found that funny.
But I hope everyone is excited about it.

Comic-Con International 2011

Comic-Con International 2011

After the JManga panel, my friend F and I went to line up to get into Room 6BCF.
We wanted to get into the Green Lantern panel.

This was the first time I lined up in the sun for a panel at Comic-Con...
And I would only do it out of love for Conan O'Brien.

We got in for the Legendary Pictures panel, which was cool because it was something I wanted to check out.

Comic-Con International 2011

And we got copies of Mass Effect 2 out of it, too!

And it was finally time for Conan O'Brien...
After a brief Green Lantern panel, they introduced the main event.

First, a clip of The Flaming C.

Comic-Con International 2011

Then Conan came out!!

Comic-Con International 2011

Comic-Con International 2011

It was a fun, fun panel.

Then we went to the Shonen Jump panel, since our friend M was dressed up.
It was full, but we got in thanks to connections...

Comic-Con International 2011

Then I went to the JManga party.

Comic-Con International 2011

I got to meet a bunch of new people as well as catch up with clients who I only see once a year.

The food was good, too!
Served by a couple of cute men.

I then rushed to the Bandai Ent panel, where my sister was interpreting for Dai Sato.

Comic-Con International 2011

I missed most of the panel, but oh well...

I caught up with them at the end.

Comic-Con International 2011

I rushed (again) to get in the Yen Press panel, but it was full.
This time, I was too late to use my connections to get in.

Now that I write this up, it doesn't seem like I had a "busy" day...
But too much happened and I don't remember, that's all.
I was really, really tired at the end.


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