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Comic-Con 2011 Day 1

Comic-Con International 2011!

Comic-Con International 2011

Okay, I hope I remember the events of Comic-Con because it was almost a month ago...

Not like I could talk about anything exciting,
because I did a lot of business and nothing I could write about.
But I'll just post pictures of the panels I went to.

I started the day with a low-key panel (no line, not crowded) about laws about copyright.
(Part of the Comic-Con Law School series).

It was pretty interesting.

Comic-Con International 2011

I then went to the Nick & Dreamworks panel.

Comic-Con International 2011

Comic-Con International 2011

They had various voice actors from Penguins of Madagascar.
They did live karaoke, a stage reading, etc.
It was fun!

I went to the Street Fighter x Tekken panel, but I was too far back to understand anything.

Comic-Con International 2011

Next was Kodansha USA's panel.

Comic-Con International 2011

They explained their schedule for upcoming manga,
and I realized why Love Hina was on such a tight schedule.

After the panel, I met up with a bunch of industry friends,
so we sat and talked for a bit.

We then went to CocoMoca.

Coco MoCA

Coco MoCA

We then went to the Viz party,
where I saw more industry friends.

I mingled with various people for a while,
then left because I had dinner plans with people from Japan.

We went to In-N-Out.

Dinner at In-N-Out

Dinner at In-N-Out

I was soooooo tired at the end of the day...


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