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Working at Company A (for a day) Ver. 7.6


So when I went to Aksys Games' panel at Anime Expo,
translator S told me that translator N,
who was working on Hakuoki with me, had finished translating.


She was soooo behind the last time I was at Aksys!
So...I was sitting on Hakuoki, even though I only had 300 lines left,
while I worked on other projects.
And like the turtle in the fable, she surpassed me, the rabbit.

I panicked and immediately scheduled to go into work at Aksys Games.
Although Aksys was nice about me not being done yet...
Besides, editor B wasn't nearly close to catching up.

But still, I felt bad, so I went to finish it.

And I did!

So in the end, I worked on:
-some of the common route
-some of the Hijikata route
-some of the Okita route
-some of the Saito route
-some of the Heisuke route
-maybe all? of the Harada route
-all of the secret character route
-all of the "normal" ending

To make sense of what I wrote...
The game is pretty much the same up to Chapter 3.
From Chapter 4 it branches on to whatever character you got close with.
These are called [character name] routes.

By the way, every time I played this game,
I kept getting the "normal" ending.

I really suck at these games...

My favorite was the Harada route...perhaps because I got to do all of it,
so I didn't feel anything was left out.

I like the Hijikata route the least.
But only because it was sooooo long and it was torture to finish.
Also, I was working on it under pressure to finish fast, so it wasn't as fun.

According to interviews by Aksys, the game is coming out early 2012.
AND! They have a survey asking the fans what they want to see in the limited edition.
Hurry and voice your opinion; it's only up until July 29!

Tell them what you want here!

This is an otome game, but it's not that lovey dovey,
and there's a lot of historical facts,
so it's a good game to get you interested in that era.

Yes, even guys could play this game!!

Please check it out when it comes out next year!


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