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Anime Expo and AM2 2011 Day 1

Today I had to go to two conventions.

So in the morning I went to Anime Expo to go to the GoH panel featuring
Kenta Sugano and Katsuyuki Hirano of Idea Factory.

Anime Expo 2011

I only knew about their company because I translated one of their video games,
and I wanted to check it out.

The panel was short because of delays from the OP ceremonies, but it was interesting.

I then went to AM2.
I had to drop off We [Heart] Japan t-shirts at PVP Film Works' booth,
and I wanted to accompany my sister, who was semi-going for her work for Company BR.

I took a bunch of pictures, but they're pretty sad, so I won't put them up.
I did interview a group of kids on why they chose to come to AM2 instead of AX.
I wish I had more time to do this, because it was fun...
Maybe next year I'll pass out stickers or postcards to kids who are kind enough to answer my questions.

I had a short Day 1, because I wanted to rest.


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