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Love Hina - Negima Connection

Love Hina Thumb

I wrote this before, but when I first tackled the "new" translation for Love Hina,
I went on a bunch of forums to see what was liked and disliked in the TokyoPop version.

And while reading some of the topics, I found out that Motoko's kendo moves are featured in Negima.


Since Kodansha USA's Negima is released before Love Hina, I thought it was my duty to match the translated terminology used in Negima.

So I asked my editor to direct me to the translators of Negima.

And we got in touch, and the name of the moves match now!

I hope the fans notice this extra effort... :)

Please look for the LOVE I put in my translation when Love Hina Omnibus comes out later this year.

Love Hina
One of Motoko's moves.


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