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Started Work on BLADE

Marvel Anime Blade

I got a new project to work on.
Marvel Anime's BLADE.

Unlike the X-Men I previously worked on, this is a property I know absolutely nothing about.
So of course, I researched the property first.
(I didn't go as far to watch the movie...)

I was assigned episode 2.
Which I was happy with, because episode 1 was pretty...grotesque.
I don't like hospital or surgery scenes, so even if it was only a little, I was cringing.

So Animax is streaming the first episode of BLADE on July 1 at 9:45pm (Japan time).
With live commentary from the director and the writer!!

I have to watch this.

I don't know if it would have English subtitles (I doubt it), but if you can, please check it out.
And please check the English version on G4 later this year!


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