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Preparing for Anime Expo 2011

When I was at Fanime this year, a young man was asking me if I was working at Anime Expo last year.
I actually wasn't (I was a completely free agent), so I was telling him no.

But he was like, "But weren't you interpreting last year? You look familiar."


Then I remembered that I had interpreted the later half of the MangaGamer panel last year.

I completely forgot.

He asked me if I was interpreting for them this year.
I said they didn't ask me to, so no.

He was nice enough to say that it was too bad, because he liked me as the interpreter.
(Thank you!)

Anyway, a few days later...

It was decided that I AM going to be interpreting the MangaGamer panel.

So when I went to Aksys yesterday, instead of working on their game
I was on the internet researching MangaGamer stuff.

I looked at their forum, the details of Bamboo's live chat with the fans, etc.
So hopefully this year I would be better prepared and qualified to interpret.

If you are 18 and over, please check out the MangaGamer panel.
"Now and Future of Bishojo Games"
Sunday, July 3 @ 10:30p in LP2.


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