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Working at Company A (for a day) Ver. 6.16

Lately I haven't been working on the video game project for Aksys Games because...well, I'm way ahead of the editor (and the other translator, hehe).
Even if I only have 700 lines left.
The only time I work on it is when I'm physically there at the Aksys office.

I decided that today would be the day I finish the project, so I went to the office to work.

But as soon as I got to the office, I had a bunch of emails regarding Anime Expo work.
So I spent most of my time at the office figuring out my schedule during that weekend,
doing research on the company and what they have been doing lately...

And I was only able to do about 400 lines of work.

By the time I realized I only had 30 minutes left at work...
(I carpooled with my friend H there, and she was driving, so I was on her schedule)
I still had about 300 lines.
It takes about an hour to do 200 lines.
(Unless I'm on an absolute deadline where I can translate crazy amounts).

So I resigned and decided to come back another day.

Oh well...

Toward the end of the day, Aksys gave me a promo item for the game I am working on!
I assume they're passing it out at Anime Expo?

So that means...they're announcing the game at Anime Expo?

They do have a panel on Saturday at 11:15am in LP3, so please check it out.
I'll be there cheering one of my favorite clients on :)


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