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ReveLAtions 2011

I've never heard of ReveLAtions, or actually,
I never knew that there were things such as video game tournaments.
I found out about ReveLAtions because my client, Aksys Games, was a sponsor.

And since it was held near my house, I decided to check it out.

I dragged my friends D and J along with me.
Which was good, because they explained a lot about the games and the tournaments.

This is the main stage.
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is featured.
(I don't know what "Arcade Edition" means, but oh well).
It was really fun to watch, and I think I could have stayed to watch all night.

ReveLAtions 2011

They have commentators for the live stream.

ReveLAtions 2011

BlazBlue tournament.

ReveLAtions 2011

When I was watching BlazBlue, I ran into Mori-san, the creator of BlazBlue.
It was good that he remembered me, or I would just look creepy.

He had an interview and an autograph session.

I saw my clients, Aksys Games, earlier, so everything I meant to do was done.
But I still stayed back a bit to watch more SSFIV:AE
(this is the abbreviation for Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, I learned!)
before heading back.
I saw some professional gamers(?) from Japan play, too.

So...thanks to D and J for coming with me!
This is a picture I took at the Proud Bird (the venue) airplane museum.

Proud Bird


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