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E3 2011 Day 3

Day 3!

I went a little past noon because I had tennis class in the morning.

I checked out the booths I missed on Monday.

Took a picture with the Wii U...

Found out that one of my favorite games, "Itadaki Street" was coming out later this year!
It's a board game similar to Monopoly (but way more fun!)
and I was actually requesting this game to some Nintendo marketing people last year at a Dragon Quest 9 event.
I don't know if my request had an effect...but at least the game is localized!
Please support this game!
Coming out on the Wii (this version was on the DS in Japan).
They changed the name to "Fortune Street."

E3 2011

I might buy it just to check out how they translated everything.

Once again, I spent a long time in the T-Mobile booth/cafe.

Berries in whipped cream in a waffle cone!
This was delicious!

E3 2011

Unfortunately I'm a Virgin Mobile customer...
($10 phone with $27/month service of 300 minutes, unlimited text and web)
Sorry T-Mobile...but your booth was great!

Sexy G4 girls!

E3 2011

Their booth was promoting the Marvel Anime: Wolverine that will air on G4 starting in July.
I didn't work on "Wolverine" but I did work on "X-Men," so please check it out.

After E3 there was a huge detour because of another bomb scare...

And I arrived at Lucky Strike at LA Live, where Digital LA was having an event.

Digital LA Event at Lucky Strike LA Live

I didn't stay long because I was meeting up with a friend for dinner,
but it was a cool venue...a private suite with its own bar and bowling lanes!

Digital LA Event at Lucky Strike

Digital LA Event at Lucky Strike

Digital LA Event at Lucky Strike

And that's it for E3 2011!


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