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Fanime 2011 Day 4

Day 4...
(No exclamation point because I was dead tired).

I got up early to meet GAINAX at 9am to help them check out.
There was a minor confusion with the hotel charges, but I figured it out and GAINAX flew back to Japan.

I then went to Target to buy some items when I got a call from my friend F.
I guess Yokota-san was at the artist's alley without an interpreter.

So after I got back to the convention center I headed over to help him interpret.

I continued to interpret for him through the autograph session...
Until Ben, his interpreter came.

I was to help Yokota-san with his special auction later in the day, so I took a break to go study some of the anime titles I would have to talk about.

Unfortunately I missed the closing ceremonies because I had to prepare for the auction...

And then I couldn't take any pictures at the auction because I was MC-ing it.
(Or interpreting for the MC?)

The auction raised over $38K, so thank you to everyone who came to support the people in Japan.

And that was it for Fanime!
Once again, the staff of Fanime gave me a kind gift for helping out.

Springtime Cookies

Thank you, Fanime!
Everyone I worked with at Fanime is great.
If you haven't gone to Fanime yet, I highly recommend it!


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