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Fanime 2011 Day 3

Day 3!

We met up early in the morning because we were told there was an interview at 9am.
Asking an animator to answer interviews at 9am in the morning sounds crazy to me.
I guess someone agreed with me, because when we went to the press area, we found out that it was canceled.

So we had a few hours to kill until the Wings of Honneamise screening.

Iida-san went back to his room to practice drawing characters for his autograph session later.
He's such a veteran, but he has to practice!?
He said that he didn't want to mess up anyone's shikishi board or anything.
Such great work ethics...

I went back to the green room to have some breakfast, and I think I met with the charity auction people and GAINAX to discuss it.
I don't really remember...

Anyway, we decided that we could put the GAINAX goods (like t-shirts and stuff) up for silent auction,
and the autographed items would be up for the live auction.

Here are some of the silent auction items.
Fanime 2011

After that was settled, we went to the main video room for the Wings of Honneamise screening.
We had some technical issues, but Fanime staff took care of it really quickly.
We also had a very kind attendee who lent us his blu-ray copy.

Iida-san hasn't seen Wings of Honneamise for a while, so he stayed to watch.
I was worried I would get sick if I stayed in the cold room, so I left.

I went to Hamamoto-san's panel for a bit, which was surprisingly empty.
Since no one was asking questions, I think I asked him which character in Evangelion he thought was easiest to draw, since Iida-san had mentioned earlier that morning that Shinji was easiest to draw.

Hamamoto-san's answer was Asuka, because Rei and Shinji tend to have serious faces and that's harder to draw accurately.

I had to leave early because the GAINAX panel was starting.

I forgot to take pictures of the panel...sorry...
I was too busy coordinating and interpreting.

I've interpreted many panels and interviews regarding Wings of Honneamise,
but Iida-san gave me new information and the panel was really fun.
He also gave a perspective about GAINAX as an outsider, and it was informative.

I had to switch out with another interpreter at 3pm to handle the charity auction with GAINAX staffer O-san.

I forgot to take pictures at the auction too, mainly because I was on stage.
I thought it was funny that Iida-san, who came after his panel ended, was watching the auction as his autograph was being sold.
Back in 2009, at Anime Expo, the GoHs (Guests of Honor) had to sit through the auction
and Nishigori-san (Gurren Lagann, IdolM@ster) and Mori-san (Guilty Gear, BlazBlue) were saying how it was torture to see a price put on their autographs.
(Even if the bids were high).


The GAINAX portion of the charity auction ended, so I left to meet up with my graphic designer friends F and B, because they were doing a panel.

It was a pretty good turnout!

Fanime 2011

Hopefully we could all do this again next year, if there is a demand.
Next year my writer friend H would be at Fanime too, so maybe we could do something with her.

Later that night was Iida-san's autograph session.

Fanime 2011

We made a bet to see if he would get any requests to draw Shinji.
He got one, but there was foul play going on (it was interpreter/driver K's friend who requested).
Out of the Evangelion characters, Asuka was the one requested most.

Iida-san was nice to finish the line, providing a sketch for everyone,
even if it meant that we had to cancel his dinner reservations.
He also added color here and there to make the autographs look nicer.

This is "sexy Kaworu."
Fanime 2011

He added color to hair and eyes, and wrote in different colors.
Fanime 2011

I had to leave the GAINAX people with K for dinner, because...

Yokota-san was having his annual(?) 18+ panel.

I ran from the Hilton to the Marriott in 5 minutes just to make it on time.

Once again, it was a fun panel.
I was sitting in the front with Watanabe-san, Yokota-san's assistant(?),
interpreting for him.

This is what Yokota-san drew when asked to draw a chained down sword-wielding maid.
Fanime 2011

And then the real thing.
Fanime 2011

During the panel, someone mentioned a title I translated many, many years ago.
"The Sagara Family!"
That was quite interesting.

I hope Yokota-san comes back next year.
And next time, the panel should be 2 hours.


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