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Fanime 2011 Day 2

Day 2!

I met up with the GAINAX people at 10am for the Yamaga Party at 11am.
This year, the Yamaga Party went back to the old style of "meet the guests,"
which I call the "speed dating style," where each guest sits at a table
and the fans switch off every few minutes.

In fact, when Hamamoto-san asked me "what is this that we're going to right now?"
I used the term for "speed dating," and he immediately understood what he was getting himself into. Haha.

So...we had the Yamaga Party.
Even if Yamaga-san wasn't around.

I forgot to take pictures (sorry!), but I do have my translation notes.
Let's see...

Some people were soooo excited that Iida-san worked on ThunderCats (the original).
Some girls who came were 17~19 years old, and have never heard of Wings of Honneamise.

Hmm, okay, I didn't take many notes because I was trying to get out as much information as possible to the fans.

Iida-san had a lot of fun, though, and enjoyed talking to everyone.
And I really enjoyed the chocolate cake.

After the Yamaga Party Iida-san had an interview with,
which I left the other interpreter Kentaro to take care of.
I wanted to check out the Yokota panel...

And I'm glad I did!

This is Ben, the interpreter, and Yokota-san.

Fanime 2011

Yokota-san drawing a "sword-wielding girl in an eye patch" which was requested by one of the audience members.

Fanime 2011

Variations on "sword-wielding eye patch."

Fanime 2011

The next panel was Hamamoto-san's panel.

Fanime 2011

There are two interpreters, because Eric, the one with the blue hair, was "in-training" as an interpreter.
I wish I had an "in-training" interpreter with me! Hee hee.

Early stage of Hamamoto-san's drawing.

Fanime 2011

This is the finished drawing.

Fanime 2011

I forgot to get the name of the program he used...sorry.
Hopefully there will be a report somewhere else with that information.

I went to Mizushima-san's panel after, but because I was sitting so far, I couldn't hear much,
and I also didn't take any pictures.

Yoshimatsu-san had a panel later in the day.

Fanime 2011

This was a really good panel!
Yoshimatsu-san was very good with explaining design aspects.
A BIG bonus was that he would say things one sentence at a time.
I wish all Japanese guests do this! Hee hee.

Fanime 2011

Fanime 2011

This is a character he thought of after taking "design requests" from the audience.

Fanime 2011

Because the interpreter couldn't hear the audience well, some elements were mis-interpreted.
"Happy-go-lucky" turned into a "hapi coat."
(You see the character wearing it).
"Streetwise" turned into "streetfighter."
(Explains the clenched left fist).
Hee hee, it was still a good panel.

I had to leave the panel a little early to prepare for my panel.
I'll write about that in a separate post.

After my panel (and the post-panel, where I answered a bunch of questions),
I went to eat dinner with my graphic designer friend F.


That was the end of Day 2!


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