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Fanime 2011 Day 1

Fanime 2011!

Usually I arrive on Day 0 or so,
but since I didn't want to miss my tennis class on Thursday,
this year I flew in early Friday morning.

GAINAX arrived at the convention about 30 minutes after me, so I checked them in.

We had time until the opening ceremonies, so they rested in their rooms until then.
During the free time, after catching up with the GR staff,
I went to go get lunch with one of my NorCal friends, graphic designer B and his girl.

I had a delicious Vietnamese drink/dessert.


At the opening ceremonies we explained that Yamaga-san couldn't come due to a family emergency.
So Iida-san apologized for it and said he would work twice as hard to make up for Yamaga-san's absence.

This is Yoshimatsu-san, Iida-san, and Yokota-san waiting for the opening ceremonies to start.

Fanime 2011

This is part of FLOW.

Fanime 2011

The guy with the yellow sunglasses was asked why he wears those yellow sunglasses, and he replied,
"I'm shy."

This was the only time I saw the music guests.
Yuya Matsushita was really, really skinny.

After the opening ceremonies, we had time until Iida-san's press interview, so we went around the dealer's hall.

Some pictures from that outing.

Fanime 2011

Fanime 2011

Fanime 2011

GAINAX really liked the Chuck outfit.
Fanime 2011

For dinner we went to Yankee Pier, since Iida-san wanted seafood.
This is what he got.

Yankee Pier

And that was it for Day 1!


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