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Getting Ready for Fanime

I haven't been working much the past week or so because I've been working on Fanime stuff.
I'm doing a panel this year, so I had to make a PowerPoint presentation.
It's been a while since I touched PowerPoint...

Before, I would have a minion make them based off my outline.
She would make them look so cute.

...I couldn't make mine look so cute.

Oh well.

Here is my panel information:

Translating Anime & Manga
Saturday, May 28
7pm at Marriott Salon III

It says "translating anime and manga" only because "translating in the anime industry" didn't fit in the character limit for Fanime.
I'll be talking about translating movies, video games, and other stuff too.

Please come by and say hi!
(And please ignore how ugly my PowerPoint presentation is).

By the way, I'll be working at Fanime as GAINAX's interpreter too,
so I'll be hanging around Yamaga-san, Iida-san, and O-san (GAINAX staff).


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