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Anime Episode In, Anime Episode Out

I got a new episode to work on today.
I already had the video, but I was waiting on the scripts, and we were waiting because of Golden Week (which was last week) in Japan.

So I got them this morning.

I was already at Company A for another "let's pretend to be normal and work at an office day."
So I emailed back my client that I would start working on it later at night.

I also mentioned that since there is so much action (battle against a monster), it should be done rather quickly.

I actually finished it in an hour or so.
Pretty efficient!

Well, what usually takes time is the formatting of the script.
Formatting the script:
1) Indicate who is talking
2) Indicate if the character is on screen or off screen...this is labeled as -blank- or OFF
3) Indicate if the character's mouth is shown (sometimes barely shown)...labeled as MNS or MBS
4) Indicate if a sound is made...labeled REAX or EFFORTS
If a character reacts to a monster that appears, I would put (scared reax).

So usually, this part takes waaaay longer.
But since I already took care of it last week, I was able to translate really fast.
By the way, my deadline per episode is usually "within two days from delivery of materials."

As for my project with Company A, I translated about 600 lines.
I also played the game about two, three times.
I had to look online for a cheat sheet to get to the ending I wanted.
Man, these games are hard.


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