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New Client, Same Property

I got a new client with new work.
I went to visit their office in Burbank today, to get instructions and whatnot.

The funny thing is that I've worked with this property before.
Like, two times in the past...for two different companies.

The series has been announced here in the US (including which network it's airing on), but I'll hold off on mentioning anything until a bit later.

I'm starting on episode 5, so I just finished watching episodes 1-4...
And I will format my script first, then translate.
I have tomorrow plus the weekend to work on this, which is more than enough time,
but I still have the project from Company A to worry about too,
so no time to slack off.

I also have the volunteer project for Company G, which will be announced Monday (Japan time), I was told.

By the way, President Obama was in my neighborhood (few blocks down) today.
Luckily I didn't drive during the time he was here, so I was not affected.


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