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Love Hina Omnibus Announced

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Love Hina, the omnibus version, was announced by Company KC.
When I was first asked if I could translate it, I wondered if my editor thought I was a guy.

Anyway, I didn't have a reason to say no, so I took on the job.

It was soooo much text!
The tight deadline made it worse, too.
I was working on Shugo Chara at the same time, so I had 4 books to translate in 1.5 months.

I also had the pressure of all the fans of the series out there who were expecting it to be perfect.
I read a bunch of forum posts and stuff to see what elements were considered "unacceptable" in the Company TP version.
I never saw the Company TP version, and since it was out of print, I asked my editor if it was okay to just translate it the "Company DR way," which was to keep a lot of the Japanese nuances.

So I am crossing fingers that it meets expectations...

Some big issues I discussed with the editor first.
For example, the way Kitsune talks...
What to call University of Tokyo...
If I can put in a lot of translation notes...

I think the biggest issue I saw with the old version was the way Keitaro called Naru.
I like that Keitaro keeps calling Naru by her last name until the end, so of course I kept that.

Anyway, please look forward to the new Love Hina.


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