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We [Heart] Japan at Meltdown

Some pictures of the We [Heart] Japan event.
Pictures were taken by M, someone who used to work under my sister.

It was held at Meltdown, on Sunset Blvd.
Great store!


Even from the outside, you could tell it was a great turnout!

We [Heart] Japan at Meltdown

This is Stephanie getting interviewed.
There were a bunch of cameras rolling, but I don't know who they were...


There was a section for anime viewing.

We [Heart] Japan at Meltdown

Food trucks outside...

We [Heart] Japan at Meltdown
And the trucks donated a percentage of their sales! Thanks!

So many voice actors came to support the event!

We [Heart] Japan at Meltdown

We [Heart] Japan at Meltdown

So...what was I doing during the event?

I was in charge of the fundraiser raffle.

Basically, at this event you were able to contribute three ways:
1) Just show up and donate
2) Buy art
3) Buy a raffle ticket

We raised a decent amount of money (has it been announced?) and they will all go to charity.

Thank you to all those who helped, contributed, and showed up!

Hopefully there will be another event soon.


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