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Some Shtuff About Pleiades

It's been almost a week since the official English subtitles went up for Wish Upon the Pleiades.

I hope the readers of my blog have been watching!
And leaving comments!!
(This is very important!)

The producer asked me for reactions in the U.S.
so if you would like to personally deliver a message to Company G,
please feel free to leave a message here on this blog.


When I was working on the project, I really enjoyed translating the lines of Hikaru.
She's the blonde one.
Enjoyed? Maybe it was just easy...her personality is probably the closest to mine.

So in 3rd Night, the scene after Minato appears in the sky...
Hikaru says, "I don't think so!" and attacks him.

When I was translating off the script, I actually had Hikaru's line as:
"Yours my butt!"
I thought this fit her character very much.

But later as I QC'd the video+subtitles, I realized that there was a break between Minato's line and Hikaru's line.

In the script, it went:
Minato: That fragment is mine. (This is also a bit different from end product)
Hikaru: Yours my butt!

But since the lines are split up into two episodes, I realized the audience won't remember what Hikaru is referring to, so I changed it.

Anyway, if you haven't watched it yet, please do!


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