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Few Projects...

Okay, so I finished Shugo Chara #11 and Code Geass Queen #3 this past weekend.

I was starting on a new series (still unannounced) when...

I got two emails from two separate clients on Tuesday morning.

It was to translate one game and one anime series.
And one episode of the game was to be turned in on Thursday.

For a while, I couldn't handle the amount of work that was about to come, so I went out and bought some manga.
(I was escaping reality)

Because right now, I have...
One game.
One anime series.
Five manga volumes.

All due in the next month and a half.

I'll probably have a deadline every other day?
The game and anime are to be turned in little by little, so...

It's going to be a busy start to 2011.
Wish me luck!


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