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Semi-Annual NorCal Trip! Day 1

My friend had a table at APE this year, so I decided to go and support her (I really didn't do much).
It was also a chance to see a bunch of my friends up north, like my best friend from high school.

So up north I go...
But I had scheduling issues because of tennis.
I had tennis class on Thursday morning, and a doubles match on Sunday.
So I ended up with a pretty hectic itinerary.

Day 1!

It's been a while since I flew into SFO.
So it was my first time on the Air Train there.
I really wish LAX would do something similar.

Anyway, I got my rental car and drove to Fisherman's Wharf.
Fisherman's Wharf
It was my first time going in the evening.
I got some Dungeness crab and ate some in the car.
I had to save my appetite because I had dinner plans with Company S employee J and his new wife.

They took me to a local Chinese restaurant.
Their most popular dish?
Fried chicken wings!

San Tung Chinese Restaurant

We talked about some industry stuff as well as catching up.
And his awesome wedding (see later post).

After dinner we went to a mini-mart that sold Japanese things...and also, crepe!

I got a cheesecake and blueberry sauce crepe...
It was rich... And will go straight to my thighs.

Thanks for a fun night, J and K!
Oh, and J gave me a gift!
He knew I played Valkyria Chronicles, so he gave me the PSP version!!
Thanks x2!!

After saying goodbye I went to my graphic designer friend F's house, because she graciously offered to let me stay.


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