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My Friend's Big Fat Geek Wedding

I was surprised to see my friend's wedding make the news at Anime News Network.

There's one error though...

When I went to dinner with J this past weekend, he insisted it was a ROBOTECH cake and not MACROSS.
So you know how much he flipped when I told him that I thought it was a Gundam cake...

Anyway, here are some pictures of my own of the cake.

The cake arrives.
Jerry's Wedding

Everyone taking pictures of the cake.
You'll notice that J brought in lights specifically for the cake.
Jerry's Wedding

I didn't understand the figures in the front until J explained it to me over dinner.
Jerry's Wedding

Copyright infringement troubles?
S from with the cake.
Jerry's Wedding
(I made the image small because I was too lazy to blur out S's face).

At the wedding, a few of the tables were industry-related.
Of course, a bunch of people missed the wedding because of NYAF/NYCC.
A bunch of Company BEI people (like my editor R, president Mr. I, etc) were not there.
And voice actress Stephanie Sheh was also gone...she was doing an anime concert for Company BEI.

Congratulations J & K!!


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