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Translation of a Self-Published BL Novel on Kindle

My friend pointed me to a news item on Anime News Network.

Mariko Hihara self-publishes BL Novel in US on Kindle

And to the comments by those who bought it.

"...the translation seriously needs to be done more professionally."
-sunflower, ANN user

The user gives more details, so please read the comment if you're interested.

Anyway, it got me curious.
So I went to the author's website to see if there was information on who translated it.

It looks like she used a translation software (!!!!!!!) and asked her older sister(s) to "clean it up" for her.
She has two older sisters who graduated from universities in the U.S.

This is the explanation for the translation...
Let's all hope she does something else for future self-published work.

Hm. Maybe this author could hire me instead.
Haha :D


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