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Comic-Con International 2010 Day 3

Day 3...sorry for the slow update.
(Been busy with Farmer's Classic volunteering and work).

I was planning to go to the "Comics in the Library" panel, but as I was passing by Room 6A, I noticed that there was space.
(Room 6A was scheduled to have "The Event" panel at 11:15.


This was my only chance to see Blair Underwood in person, so I jumped in.
It was still the Spongebob Squarepants panel, but I got a decent seat.
I enjoyed watching little children asking questions to the panel.
They're so pure and cute!

As soon as the Spongebob panel ended, I rushed toward the front to get a good seat...
And secured one 5-6 rows from the stage!

The panel was mainly the world premier of the pilot of "The Event."
I've been hating NBC ever since the Tonight Show thing, but after seeing that Blair Underwood stars in it, I was hooked.
Not only that, but Ian Anthony Dale, a semi-regular customer at the restaurant my mother works at, is in it too.
Actually, my mother originally told me about this "kakkoii onii-chan."
She told me to Google him, and when I first saw pictures of him ("Tekken" movie promo pictures), I was like..."Kakkoii? Really?"

But after watching the pilot and seeing him in person (smiling...he never smiles in his roles), call me a fan.

Comic-Con International 2010

Comic-Con International 2010

I know this has nothing to do with my work, but please check out The Event!

Then I went to The Write Stuff, a panel featuring TV writers.

Comic-Con International 2010

Writers for Lost, Alias, Castle, Firefly, Criminal Minds, etc were there.

It was entertaining. I recommend it for aspiring screenwriters.
I saw my neighbor's friend D at the panel.
D is a writer for SyFy's Warehouse 13, so please check that out.

After the panel, I went to the exhibit hall to meet with my friend S.
He brought his DS to get a map from Nintendo, and to "canvass" other people.
It's all part of the online stuff Dragon Quest 9 is about.
After watching him play, I decided to get Dragon Quest 9 in English.
I passed the Japanese one a year ago, but since I live here in the US, I didn't get to enjoy the online stuff.

Since I never get to hang out with S, we got to talk a lot.

I think I went home around 6pm, since I was soooo tired.
I stayed in the hotel and ate takeout pho, which was pretty salty.

Pho Point Loma & Grill

The noodles and "rare" meat. Soup came separately.

This is the stuff I collected for the day:

Comic-Con International 2010

Comic-Con International 2010

Comic-Con International 2010

I also got to watch some fireworks from my hotel hallway.
It's from SeaWorld, I think.

Mission Plaza Hotel & Suites


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