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Comic-Con International 2010 Day 2

Day 2 of CCI!
Or Comic-Con, as normal people call it...

Unfortunately, I was late, so I missed the panel Dallas (Company DR) was in.
So I headed to the exhibit hall to talk to people and stuff.

Here are some pictures.

Comic-Con International 2010

Comic-Con International 2010

Viz Media had a photo booth going on.
This day, it was Vampire Knight.

Comic-Con International 2010

The vampires? (Are they vampires?) from Vampire Knight.
Sorry, I don't follow the series at all.

Comic-Con International 2010

I thought it was funny that he was wearing no pants.
And his face was funny...

Comic-Con International 2010

And this is me being goofy.
Sorry, Funimation booth.

Comic-Con International 2010

I also got some free stuff.

DSComic-Con International 2010

After a while, I got tired fighting the crowd.
So I went upstairs to the panel rooms area to rest.
Since there was space in the "Neighbors from Hell" panel, I decided to go.
Just to see Molly Shannon.

Comic-Con International 2010

I was actually lucky enough to receive a t-shirt from the previous panel:

Comic-Con International 2010

Bob's Burgers.
They only had it in XL, so I'm giving it to my brother-in-law.

Anyway, back to Neighbors from Hell.
I didn't think it was great, so I don't think I'll follow it.

But I thought Molly Shannon was really pretty.

Comic-Con International 2010

Comic-Con International 2010

And the other voice actors were funny in person.

Company YP's panel was next.

Comic-Con International 2010

They had a couple of announcements, but they are not projects I work on, so I'll skip them.
I was surprised how short the panel was!
They finished after 30 minutes.

I then went to Comics Design, where designers and artists showed designs and talked about them.
It was really interesting!

Comic-Con International 2010

I hope they do this again, since they ran out of time and a lot of people in the room were "squatters" waiting for the Pixar panel that was next.
The guy who was sitting next to me was sleeping!
Sitting in the front row!

Sigh. If you're going to sleep, please sit in the BACK row.

After the panel, I bumped into M from Viz Media, who I just met at Anime Expo.
We talked for a bit. She is really fun.

I went back to the exhibit hall to meet up with my sister, who was with Stephanie Sheh.
After walking around for a bit, we went to go have a late afternoon snack, later joined by S of

We had a horrible waitress there, which was unfortunate, but otherwise we had fun.

At night I went to the Company YP party.
I got to catch up with E from Vertical, who I haven't seen for years.

A lot of my industry acquaintances were there and we got to meet and catch up.
Thanks for a great party, Company YP!


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