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Comic-Con International 2010 Day 1

I arrived at Comic-Con International (CCI for short) at around 3pm.

I first went to pick up my badge.
Since it was right smack in the middle of the day, there was no line.
The staff, as always, were very nice and efficient.
I LOVE CCI for this reason. The staff and volunteers are the best ever.

After I got my badge, I headed to the exhibit hall to look for Capcom.
I had promised someone (D from Fanime staff) that I'll try to get the Street Fighter vs TokiDoki t-shirt for her.
Unfortunately, it took me forever to get to the booth, and it was sold out.
I guess they only made 400...
Someone in production/marketing/whatever did not know the sales numbers for Comic-Con exclusives, it seems...

Anyway, I walked around some more.
I happened to pass by the CBS booth during a signing by the "Big Bang Theory" cast.
I don't know his name, but here is one of the nerds in the show:

Comic-Con International 2010

Sorry it's blurry.

I also visited Sony Online Entertainment, since they were promoting PlayStation Move.

Comic-Con International 2010

It looks fun, but I think having a Wii is good enough for now...

I also checked out the Sony 3D TV, which was awesome.
I missed the chance to take a picture, so hopefully I can do it tomorrow.

The Castle Crashers booth had a bunch of cute stuff!
I took a picture to try to decide which t-shirt to buy.
I was going to buy the black one, but my brother-in-law already owns it.

I'm deciding between the white object or the gray shirt with the parts.

Comic-Con International 2010

Any suggestions?

At the Square Enix booth, I spoke with a nice girl who explained the online manga streaming.
I think it's a cool idea.

Here's a picture of the banner for the manga.

Comic-Con International 2010

I also bumped into my future husband at the DC Universe Online section.

Comic-Con International 2010

I tried asking questions to the guy in the left with glasses and curly hair,
but he didn't really talk to me. Perhaps I didn't look like I would play the game.
He was right...

My last stop was the Nintendo booth, since they are promoting Dragon Quest 9.
(Please buy it and support it! I need DQ9 to be popular in the US)
I spent a good 30 minutes wasting a Nintendo guy's time talking about DQ9.
This is a picture of me and Gil, the Nintendo guy.

Satsuki & Gil at Nintendo Booth

I'm the one in the red. I'm also holding Gil's DSi XL.

You can bring your game to download a Comic-Con exclusive(?) map!
Unfortunately, I only have the Japanese game right now, so I can't get it.
After talking to Gil, though, I'll buy the English version.
Even though I played the Japanese version over 99:99:99 hours, minutes, and seconds (I went over the limit).

I then left the exhibit hall to go to some panels.
I missed a few already...

I went to Girl Geeks Exist, but it was full.
So instead I went to the Lost in Translation panel.

Comic-Con International 2010

Comic-Con International 2010

Comic-Con International 2010

It was toward the end, but I did catch a few things.
Someone asked about scanlation sites and emphasized that it hurts the industry, so please buy the manga.
I totally agree.

I would especially like it if you buy manga from my clients.

Then I stayed for the Company BEI panel.
I sat with Gia from ANN. Her report.

They had three new announcements. Wow.
But they all have nothing to do with my work.

Comic-Con International 2010

Loy and Taku.

Comic-Con International 2010

Mr. Iyadomi.

Comic-Con International 2010

My main contact, Robert.

Oh, they announced Turn A Gundam, which is famous for the Gundam designs(?) by Syd Mead (BladeRunner guy?)
My sister once translated an interview for a Japanese press a long time ago, which is the only reason I know about Turn A Gundam.

I was going to go to another panel, but it was freezing in the room and I was getting a headache, so I went home.

Day 2, Friday, is my busiest day...I should sleep!


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