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One Deadline Two

I finished the movie bonus track translation.
It was very tiring.
But I did learn a lot about the comic.

There were many references that didn't fit the Japanese track. For example, there is a line in the movie where a character says "I'm (his name), bitch!"
This is taken from a fan-made video or something.
(I don't know the details).

In the Japanese translation for the movie (which is provided by the studio), he just says, "I'm (his name)!"
I wonder what the studio is going to do about that?

Oh well, not my problem.

I was looking at the Japanese translation and for some reason the lines are very short.
It has maybe three quarters of the info of the English lines.
Is it because the Japanese people don't like to read?
Or is it because it's action?

Anyway, I'm moving on to my next project, which is due in a week.


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