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Bare Necessities

The other day I went to a BBQ hosted by the men of my mixed doubles team.

We had it at P's house, a nice-looking condo in Playa Vista, right across from EA Games.
P had just moved in...he said March, which, considering that it's July now, is not "just moved in," but P has been busy working on TRON: Legacy.

Just like me, P is a guy who loves tennis who works in the entertainment industry.

So just as expected, almost NOTHING in his house was unpacked...
except for...

1) a 55" TV, mounted above the fireplace.
2) a Wii
3) a PS3
4) an Xbox 360
5) his computer (plus two monitors, since he's a CG animator)

Obvious necessities. I totally understand.

Here are some pictures of the BBQ.

Picanha BBQ 2010
We had 5 pieces of these chunks of Picanha beef.
P's hand is there to show how big it is.

Picanha BBQ 2010

Picanha BBQ 2010


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