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My Mother's Shirts

Today, my mother, my sister, and I decided to go to a Korean spa to get a body scrub.
It's called "akasuri" in Japanese.
"Aka" is, in this case, not "red" but actually "scurf."
Dead skin.
To "suru" is to "scrub," so these Korean ladies scrub off the dead skin.
You end up with soft, smooth skin!

I know some celebrities do it too...I remember someone mentioning it on Conan's Tonight Show.

My mom shows up in a "Nyo" shirt from Di Gi Charat...
This is the one with a stretched out face of Dejiko worn by the fat guy in the show.
Company B gave it for free with the purchase of a DVD.
The one my mother was wearing was a sample that I received.
(I'm listed as a...producer in the show? I think?)

It was a bit embarrassing, but also funny.

After the spa, she changed into a new shirt...
A Meltdown shirt.

I don't know where she got that shirt (probably from my sister?).

I wish she would consider the content of a t-shirt before wearing one.
Well, I guess I should be glad that it's not a t-shirt that says I [heart] Yaoi or something.
(I don't have that shirt anyway, and no, I don't want one either...)


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